Our Purpose:
Unite all those engaging in dog-powered sports.
Disseminate information.
Promote safety and responsibility.
Promote excellent standards
of care both on
and off the trail.
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Welcome Letter From The President


Do you have one dog or forty dogs? Are you a competitive musher, recreational musher or back country tour guide? Do you bikejore, canicross, skijore or weight pull with your dogs? Do you train with carts, rigs or scooters? Has mushing been a lifelong passion, are you just getting started or have you not yet begun but are interested?

Whatever the reason you found our page, we are glad you're here.

In addition to supporting the mission statement of the association, the current board is committed to building a sense of community amongst enthusiasts of dog powered sports in the Green Mountains. The largest contribution you can make is to join VTMA and to get other mushers to join in advocating for safe and responsible use of our trails. We hope you find the following pages interesting and useful, but if there is information you seek that you don't find, please speak up. That too will be important in building the network fabric of our community, and we hope you will be part of that.

See you on the trail,

Allan Tschorn, President and the VTMA Board of Directors