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VTMA and a Parade

VTMA visits the July 4th Parade continued!

Since it proved almost impossible to keep the dogs from greeting every person along the street and take pictures at the same time, or to drive the truck without hitting the politician parading in front and take pictures, (not to mention trying to heave candy at the kids in the crowd) we sent out a plea for pictures in a letter to the editor of the Valley Reporter. We received the picture below from Z Lostone.  At the rear is Gail pedaling her Diggler scooter with Weasel keeping a taut line for her. Oakley is just ahead leading Aiko who is pulling the wheeled sled. Ken is at the front on his Diggler scooter with Heron pulling him.  At the very left of the picture is the rear end of the trailer and the dog truck. The woman in the red tank and blue shorts is Gail’s long-time friend, Dott, who had been happily watching the parade from the sidelines and was pressed into service to help dispense the candy. Thank you, Dott!

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Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.05.39 PM

VTMA 4th of July

The VTMA had a 4th of July float in the Warren, Vermont parade. The Warren parade has been held for 50 years and draws approximately 8-10,000 spectators. When several of the VTMA board of directors heard that WDEV’s Buster the Wonder Dog was to be this year’s Grand Marshal, they were heard to exclaim, “If Warren’s going to the dogs, we need to be there!”

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The VTMA float theme was “Poop Power—Dog-Powered Sports Save Gas & The Planet: Scoop Your Own Emissions!” The float was well-received (tossing out dog kisses—made by Hersey’s) may have helped, but we won the “Best Domestic Animal” category anyway. In addition to the “dog kisses” we also tossed out dog “poop” (tootsie rolls) and dog cookies (the real thing—really). In the picture above Red Goodman pilots the float at the start. The roof of the dog truck holds a Sacco, a sled, and a bike rigged for bikejoring. The bungee line from the bike runs to a stuffed husky toy attached to the hood of the truck.

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The picture below was taken before the start of the parade and shows the trailer complete with “emissions scooping” equipment. Ken Haggett, Oakley, and Gail Breslauer have a last minute “debriefing” on parade logistics. Ken pushed his sled (mounted on a wheeled dolly). Oakley and Gail each rode Diggler scooters. All had a dog hitched to the front. Note Atii Sled Dogs’ Weasel who, far from being stressed out, is sleeping on the rock on the right.

Below, after the parade, a very happy Independence Day celebrant gets nose to nose with Peace Pups Kennel’s Heron, one of our sport’s finest. As a good time was had by all, this year’s participants are already thinking about next year’s float and hoping that more Vermont mushers will join the parade.

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