Monthly Archives: September 2006

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VTMA Goes to the Dogs

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Ken Haggett and Lise Laporte set up a VTMA table and dog powered sports display next door to Ed Bleckner at the 2006 Shelburne Museum Goes To The Dogs event. We had a great location on the outskirts of the main fray and just inside the entrance to the museum. Everyone that came in or left had to walk right by us. Many of them chose to stop in and chat dogs and dog powered sports. We didn’t sign up many new members but it was a warm and sunny day so hanging out and talking dogs wasn’t a bad thing to be doing. We put on a short dog scooter demonstration at 2:00 but it was a little crazy trying to scooter with so many people and dogs around. We were told that this event was in the running for one of the top five highest attended events in the history of the Shelburne Museum with 3,500 humans and close to 1,000 canines! Needless to say it was quite an entertaining parade watching all 4,500 of them pass by our table. This was a great event to participate in even is we didn’t sign up any new members. We were highly visible and having 3,500 people see us is great for name recognition.