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H 164 Bill: Shelter of Animals

A bill (H 164 Shelter of Animals) that is in the House at the Agriculture and Forest Products would better define shelter for animals and dogs.  Unfortunately as the H 164 bill is written now, it will restrict too much what is allowable for dogs.

The H 164 bill proposes that only ties outs five times the length of the dog be allowed.  For a dog that is 2.4 feet long, you will need a 12 foot long tether.

The H 164 bill also talks about appropriate shelters depending on the size of the dog.  For a standard Siberian Husky a shelter should be, as per the proposed H 164 bill, five feet by five feet.  There is some confusion on the language, is the shelter a dog house or a run?  If shelter refers to a dog house, that is too big.  If it refers to a run, that seems on the small side.

At this point, VTMA has deep concerns with some of the language proposed in this H 164 Shelter of Animals Bill.