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VTMA Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Summer will be fully upon us come June 20th!  So pack away the winter sledding gear and pull out the summer fun gear for your dogs!

Don’t have any summer fun gear?  Well here are a few ideas to help you and your dogs stay relaxed, but entertained until the snow flies again:

*Bikejoring (see our May 2015 VT Mushes newsletter for an article on bikejoring).
*Take your dog on a hike on some of Vermont’s famous or not so famous trails.  Wear your VTMA shirt and show some VTMA pride!
*Go tenting in some of Vermont’s state parks…or private parks.
*Create an obstacle course in your backyard and work on those commands you’ve been meaning to: Gee, Haw, On By, Whoa…
*Make some frozen dog treats: yogurt popsicles, shredded carrots and cottage cheese, a kong with kibble and water all frozen together…
*Put an inexpensive child’s wading pool into your kennel and toss treats or toys into the pool and encourage the dogs to cool off by standing in the wading pool.
*Like canoeing?  You can buy floatation devices for your dog and take them along.
*Give your dog a bath.  (Okay, this might not be so much fun for the dog, but the outdoor bath can help cool the dog down.)

If your dogs are northern breed dogs, just be aware that the summer fun may lead to your dog overheating, so take care.  Some pointers can be found in our February 2015 VT Mushes newsletter.

As always, with any activity, keep an eye on your dog.  Make sure your dog isn’t overheating, dehydrated, don’t leave your dog in a hot car, beware of hot surfaces (pavement, concrete, stone pavers, etc.).  Have some summer fun, but make sure the dog has fun too while staying safe!

Take some pictures and post the summer fun with your dogs on the VTMA FaceBook page.  Not a VTMA member?  Well you can join!