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It as been a cold and snowy winter so far – what sled dogs love!  Hopefully you and your dogs are out enjoying the wonders the back trails of VT has to offer.  Maybe we’ll pass along one of those trails.

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Loss Of A Trail

The use of the Delaware-Hudson Rail Trail (West Rupert to West Pawlet and Poultney to Castleton) is no longer an option for wheeled rigs larger than a bike.  You can still walk, bike, scooter or ski the trail with your dogs; however there are gates at every intersection of trail and road that will not allow sleds or wheeled rigs through.

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Sled Dog Trade Fair 2014

Come see Fall in New England and visit the Sled Dog Trade Fair in New Hampshire!  Guest speakers this year include Arleigh Reynolds a 2013 and 2014 Fur Rondezvous Open and Open North American Champion.  Also speaking is Dr. Sarah Curry, a trail veterinarian of CanAm 250 and Beargrease.

The Trade Fair begins 9am on October 4th and ends at 3pm on October 5th.  Fun and food Saturday night and the ever popular rig races are 8:30 Sunday morning.


VT Musher to Race 2015 Iditarod

Gwenn Bogart signed up for the 2015 Iditarod! Gwenn is a VT native who moved to Alaska and began running dogs under Jim Lanier.  She hopes to raise awareness for women struggling with breast cancer.