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VT Mushes March 2017

Our VT Mushes March 2017 edition is now available for your viewing pleasure!

March 2017 VT Mushes


This edition of VT Mushes contains an article about heartworm in VT.  How likely is your pet to be affected by heartworm this summer?  How is heartworm transmitted?  What role do mosquitos play in heartworm?  Read more to find out!

Dog License

Have you licensed your dogs yet?  April 1st is fast approach and licensing your dog is a State of Vermont requirement, not just a Town requirement.

Ode to Snow

Open up VT Mushes for a March surprise – Ode to Snow.  Do you have any pictures of playing with your dog in the snow in Vermont?

H 164 Bill: Shelter of Animals

A bill (H 164 Shelter of Animals) that is in the House at the Agriculture and Forest Products would better define shelter for animals and dogs.  Unfortunately as the H 164 bill is written now, it will restrict too much what is allowable for dogs.

The H 164 bill proposes that only ties outs five times the length of the dog be allowed.  For a dog that is 2.4 feet long, you will need a 12 foot long tether.

The H 164 bill also talks about appropriate shelters depending on the size of the dog.  For a standard Siberian Husky a shelter should be, as per the proposed H 164 bill, five feet by five feet.  There is some confusion on the language, is the shelter a dog house or a run?  If shelter refers to a dog house, that is too big.  If it refers to a run, that seems on the small side.

At this point, VTMA has deep concerns with some of the language proposed in this H 164 Shelter of Animals Bill.


VT House Bill 50

VT House Bill 50 is in regards to the welfare of dogs, wolf-hybrids and cats used for breeding.  It better defines what limits are allowable for breedings and what ages and how many litters are expected before it is considered abuse to the animal.  The bill also better defines what a breeder is to better prevent “puppy mills”.  The bill includes language for buying a puppy or kitten with a severe health issue and being able to return the animal to the breeder.

VTMA is in favor of the bill.  Thanks to the Vermont Federation of Dog Clubs for keeping us in the loop!

For the VT Digger article, click here.

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