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Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail will be a multi-use, four season trail extending from St. Johnsbury to Swanton – almost 100 miles long.  The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail will be the longest rail trail in New England once it has been completed.

The trail follows the old east-west railroad that was in use from 1877 until 1994.  Upon completion the trail will be used by snowmobilers, hikers, runners, skiers, snowshoers, bikers, equestrians, other organizations…and mushers!

The train passengers, when the rail line was not used for freight, had scenic views through northern Vermont forests, farms, villages and mountains.  These same views remain mostly intact today.

According to the TrailLink website, currently the longest stretch of trail open for use is a 17 mile section between St. Johnsbury and West Danville.  Possibly another section, 16 miles long, will be opened between Morristown and Cambridge Junction soon.

Map for the finished trail can be found here.

Additional information and history can be found at the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail website.  If you would like to become involved with supporting the rail trail a good way is the Friends of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.